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We are experts at developing apps, managing social networks, designing, marketing and communication. A team of diverse personalities and professions with one thing in common.

—A shared passion for our work.

Knowing your goals, hearing your ideas and helping you realize them ­­ that is what motivates us. We have the technological, creative, strategic and professional solutions you need, but above all we have the talent, passion and commitment your business deserves. We want to optimize your brand’s value.

—Your success is our success.

We believe in accepting challenges and overcoming them with honesty and grace: we dedicate our maximum energy and skill to each and every project. We believe in creativity, responsibility and innovation; we are committed to your brand.

—Delivering 100% is our primary value.

The Intagono team

Our differences make us unique, team spirit highlights our best features

Francisco Anguiano

Co­founder and CEO

Co­founder and CEO. The essence of entrepreneurship, he is always on the lookout for interesting projects to share with the capable people who surround him, impassioned as he is by the digital world. He enjoys reading Tech (Techcrunch + Mashable) and Marketing blogs (AdAge, Merca 2.0).

Comfortable with networking, he likes to be in constant connection with others when he’s not studying social networks or simply living life. He loves good cinema, and traveling. He always manages to create a pleasant and creative work environment, where new ideas and projects can be developed to their fullest.

José Chacón

Co­founder and Sales Manager

Co­founder and Sales Manager. A charismatic and caring Costa Rican, with a great smile. He’s our honorary creative director, because he’s direct as can be: always there with an honest opinion, whether “That stinks” or a wide grin of approval.

A fan of fine dining and sparkling conversation, mobile apps and photography. Only puts his cellphone down to hit the dance floor when he hears bachata or salsa. As sales manager, he’s an expert in the art of tracking sales figures, and a consummate diplomat.

Alejandra Bird

Interactive designer

Born in Montevideo and having traveled throughout the hemisphere, this graphic designer has chosen to live in Mexico, which she describes as a mythical place. She practices yoga, plays the didgeridoo and takes long hikes — all pastimes reflecting a calm, reserved person who’s truly committed to everything she does. In love with color and all visual arts, Alejandra believes that design lets her communicate with efficiency and spirit; that it can actually transform the way people relate to the world around them.

Alberto González


Organized, responsible and affectionate, respectful and friendly, he gives his all to every one of his projects. He enjoys videogames, sports and spicy food. Always lives in the day and tries to take everything in stride, but knows how to step up the pace when required. He’s a great friend, and can always elicit a smile.

Alfredo Jiménez


Web/Mobile Developer with great enthusiasm for digital marketing (SEO, SEM, social media). Likes running and playing soccer. The youngest on the Intagono team, he’s excited about new technologies and their development. Loves cinema and going out to eat. Friendly, sociable, creative and self­motivated, his motto is: “Think first, then code!”

Adrián Márquez


Always ready to learn about new technologies and innovations in the digital world. He has no fear of change and prefers teamwork for the brilliant tribute it pays to the saying, “divide and conquer”.

He likes life’s simple pleasures; a home-cooked meal, playing board games, the taste of dark chocolate. Trustworthy and fun-loving, he most admires the journalists who risk their lives to bring us the truth.

Andrés López


Andrés’ is a creative mind that wanders the streets of Guadalajara, where you can catch him writing a short story, putting together an impromptu photo shoot or playing the guitar. But ideas really come to him when darkness falls; his middle-of-the-night concepts and strategies can’t wait ‘til he wakes up. In the morning, when he arrives to work sleepy but restless with inspiration, those night-time ideas will take on their own reality.

Andrea Méndez

Inbound Marketing Manager

As Costa Rican as her homeland’s gallo pinto rice-and-beans, she has complemented her degree in communications with varied experience in journalism, audiovisual production and digital marketing.

Brave, decisive and enterprising, she’s impassioned when it comes to gender equality, Asian culture and storytelling, and she thoroughly enjoys a good cup of coffee, an interesting book or a spirited conversation.

Annalicia Ostos

Team Lead

Web Developer. 100% Venezuelan, her great passion is salsa and she could dance all day, even while she’s programming. Her heart belongs to soccer, and she can’t stand super­spicy food. Good­natured, determined and intelligent, she’s Intagono’s rebel soul, and most likely to lead the group in search of a nice pastry. Sincere, direct (sometimes to a fault), charismatic and friendly, she’s always ready to discover something new, or flash a warm smile.

Alejandro Rojas

Marketing and Strategy

This business administrator is hyperactive, lively, talkative, good­natured, and known for always energizing his team. Passionate about motorcycles, a boxing fan and coffee aficionado; his son is the center of his life and nothing is more important to him than family. With his ever­positive attitude he likes social gatherings, and is very effusive. At work he aims for the best results possible, and strives mightily to achieve them.

Alejandra Salas

Administrative Assistant

Like all good accountants she is organized and responsible, and these qualities are daily reflected in the tasks she undertakes for Intagono. Her education has prepared her to be a resilient professional with versatile skills, and she looks forward to learning something new every day. In her personal life, she is a dedicated soccer fan and enthusiastic shopper; though what she enjoys most of all is spending quality time with her family and her fiance.

Don Memo

In charge of maintenance.

For Don Memo empathy, camaraderie and fellowship are everything, so he’s always cheerful, with a smile on his face. We all notice the enthusiasm he puts into his daily tasks, and his punctual arrival every morning: his is the ‘Buenos días’ that gives everyone a lift as the sun’s coming up. A homebody by nature, he’s motivated by the knowledge that his family’s waiting there for him when the workday’s done. His greatest joy is to travel and get to know other cities with them by his side.

Fernanda Becerra

Community Manager

The troll master, with a meme for every occasion and always the right recipe for making us laugh. Don’t be fooled by her angelic look, Mafer is a mischievous little devil. A jokester, she’s also likeable and responsible, punctual and charismatic, sunny-natured and fun. No day can begin without her requisite dose of coffgilda ree. Likes to listen to others, and knows how to keep a secret. Can’t stand gossip, nor hypocrisy. Likes watching movies or reading at home, or going out for coffee with friends. Is an ultra super mega fan of good food, especially desserts of dark chocolate and such. Her best medicine is traveling with family and friends.

Fernando Navarro


Android developer with a great zest for innovation in software. A big fan of sports cars and video games. Committed and objective in work and life, he is joyful, fun loving and outgoing. He enjoys the cinema, hiphop and ranchera music.

Guillermo López

Branding Strategy and Communication

A communications expert by profession with an affinity for technology, he spends hour after hour exploring new platforms and applications on the internet. Loves studying the corporate world and branding; admires Steve Jobs and reads a lot of Malcolm Gladwell. With a taste for sarcasm and acerbic humor, he has preferences but not “favorites”, believes more in collaboration than competition, and says status should be not be about how exclusive your possessions are, but how original your ideas.

Jacob Ramírez


Responsible and dedicated to his work, he likes to set new challenges and learn from his colleagues. He enjoys programming while listening to lethal and rap, but he’s also open to any other kind of music. An easygoing type, he wants no unnecessary confrontations. Enjoys the Halo game, and eating pizza with good artisanal beer. What’s most important to him is his family, and his daughter is the apple of his eye.

Juan Moreno


Web Developer, lifelong learner, fine friend and good listener; he’s trustworthy, and passionate about technology, and plays gridiron football and friki whenever time and money permit. Man of a thousand nice gestures, always ready with help for those who need it. Fights social injustice and hypocrisy, and works to protect the environment. A lover of good music, cinema and reading, he prefers a good coffee to a beer.

Karen Medina

Jr. Designer

Karen is the queen of Social Media design, someone who radiates light, an extrovert who exudes warmth and caring. Loves turtles for their calm, ever-confident way of doing things. When it comes to design she’s a fan of infographics, which allow for easy, effective expression of much data in a way that entertains the community. There’s no doubt she’s a great friend, and you can always count on her. Her main pastime is the violin: while not an expert, she plays to create a space for being alone with her thoughts.

Marifer Andrade

Quality Analyst

A born businesswoman and entrepreneur, she’s always up for learning something new: she believes you lose your edge the minute you think you know it all. Her grand passions are traveling the world, and tasting its fine cuisines. She enjoys working out, watching a good series, going to a party — and Coke light. A loyal pal, she despises hypocrisy and lying, and likes to keep it simple: spending her time with friends, family and pets.

Maya Cortés


She listens to music more often than is good for her. Always an ironic, sarcastic or hilarious comment for any situation. A journalist by trade, Maya’s got the soul of a designer. Behind the serious look that takes in anyone who sees her, is a fun and imaginative writer; putting into words or stories anything that might be shared with the rest of the world.

From a playlist to a video to a huge concert, music is everything. At the same time, it seems to her that the city is here to be photographed. As a good journalist should be, she’s objective, personally and professionally.

Martha Rodarte

Cleaning Manager

The queen of Intagono, she commands respect. Lighthearted, friendly and invariably smiling, she’s also honest, direct and dedicated. Her family is of the utmost importance. She likes romantic music, and practices zumba in her spare time. Everyone is glad to indulge her a bit, as Intagono wouldn’t be the same without her.

Nora Martínez


Organized, responsible, thoughtful and always waiting for the rest of the Intagono team to catch up. An accountant who loves her job. She has the ability to get a lot done at once, and all with a genuine smile. Another gift is being able to make those around her feel loved; she’s reliable and knows how to listen. She likes spending time with her husband, daughter and a new family member on the way; these are her main passions in life.

Paola Silva

Interactive designer

A graphic designer, she makes sure that each day is about sharing her love of color and balance, in everything from her fashion sense to her travel destinations.

She considers herself a sociable type who likes learning from others, though she also acknowledges a competitive spirit that keeps her on the lookout for new challenges. Friends and family are the heart and soul of her life.

Raúl Arellano

Interactive Designer

Alias Rulas or Raulos (in the medieval style), he’s a gentleman UX designer and passionate about illustration. In his free time he reads comics or manga, and plays video games especially if they’re from the Zelda universe. He’s friendly and glad to share his enthusiasm with his pals. He likes to travel to quiet outoftheway spots for some downtime. What’s most important is his family, and staying happy. He dreams of living on the beach and drawing for hours, surrounded by his dogs. While he could create an entire world with just a pencil and sheet of paper, his goal is clearly to become the grand master of digital illustration and he won’t quit til he’s reached it.

Ramiro Vera

Tech Lead

Project Manager. Responsible, visionary and entrepreneurial. Passionate about programming, proud to hail from Ameca, Jalisco, he believes in work and family as the touchstones of a happy life. He’s Intagono’s Jefazo or ‘head honcho’, rising to the challenge of representing us effectively. A true leader, always considering the good of the team; he always delivers projects as agreed, and on schedule.

Rodrigo Ramírez

Interactive Designer

Warrior snob, UI/UX designer and frontend pioneer. Chases perfection, lets time take its time when dealing with design, inspired by his mythic Trojan muse to reach his goal. Dreams of zooming along the city’s trails on a motorcycle while drinking a nice cup of coffee to a hiphop beat. Pays tribute to online war by taking the form of Orco, Shaman of the Horde, but once off the field of battle he prefers peace and friendship.

Rubén Zatarain

Quality assurance (QA)

A Process Engineer, Rubén is intrepid, valiant and daring. The kind of person who’s unafraid when it comes to a challenge he’s always ready to learn, and conscious that we absorb more day-to-day from the people around us, than we do from books. Outside office hours he can be found at the beach whenever possible, or about to devour a pizza, or spending time with his special someone.

Sara Mazariegos

Accounts Executive

Killer Queen and cookie monster, direct and to the point, prefers the dark side to hearts and flowers. Firmly believes in dressing up as a means of expression, and has no trouble scaling cliffs in the right pair of high heeled pumps.

Juggles creative teamwork skills while aiming for balance and cosmic order, and of course while listening to some good Rock music.

Saraí Zatarain


Web Developer, in constant search of learning. She likes team sports, and maintains a perfect balance between responsibility and fun; always dedicated and professional, curious, lighthearted and smiling. Her inner child is still alive and well. She takes risks, as she believes conquering fear is the only way to grow.

Nuestro ADN de equipo

El éxito en el ámbito digital depende fuertemente de la calidad de la estrategia y la velocidad de la ejecución. Cada uno de nuestros proyectos está compuesto por un equipo interdisciplinario que se conoce a profundidad y entiende los objetivos del proyecto. Nuestros equipos escalan para producir proyectos de cualquier tamaño, permitiendo una colaboración eficiente con nuestros clientes y entre nosotros mismos.

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