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For Tecno Lite implementation of our intranet opened the doors to better internal communication, centralized and accessible from offsite locations. It redefined the way of doing things in our business, automating several HR and Strategic Planning workflows and making us quicker and more transparent. Intagono was able to understand our needs, offering us the solution of a tool that was able to integrate access to various platforms;; visually, intuitively and in user-friendly fashion.

Andrea Santos, Tecno Lite Human Resources

“In Intagono we’ve found a business that listens, understands and implements effective, innovative communication strategies. We’ve achieved a closer connection to consumers of our new products, capitalizing on our brand’s value. It has been an excellent experience, working side by side with their team.”


Fabricio Blanco, FreshKampo Founder and CEO

“We have worked with Intagono for over two years, and recently we did an update to our web page. The objective was to launch a top­level page, practical and user­friendly. It was very important that it genuinely express the elegance of our high­class furniture…

We consider the web page to be our ninth branch outlet, and this would not have been possible without the support and dedicated work of our friends at Intagono.”

Fernanda Quiñones, Rattan Retail Experience & Marketing Manager

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