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Clients from New York to Thailand

“From our first contacts with the Intagono team my partner and I felt ourselves in touch with a leading agency, whose philosophy we knew would be the best match for our project. We trusted them, and now we’re sure we chose well, because now we’re a growing, innovative company; with a great perspective on the digital world and experience that is both local and global.”

Omar Arias, Gook Co-founder

“Excellent dedication and professionalism. The Intagono team worked day and night to meet what seemed to be an impossible deadline, and they delivered the highest quality. Great work, at a competitive price and on time.“

Juan Pablo Penichet, Marketing Services Manager, Mexico

“We chose to work with Intagono because of their capacity for understanding our project ideas and needs, and ability to bring these together in a functional web site that could adapt itself to the image and needs of our clients.The experience of planning and building the project with them has been highly rewarding, and has given us a product of the highest quality.”

Hector Miranda, CEO

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