The Challenge

FreshKampo is a Mexican company selling Tropical Fruits and Berries to the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Although the brand has been exporting to the United States for years, they wanted to understand exactly who their customers were in that market, so they could mount future segmented advertising campaigns.

The Solution

We did the ideation, design and execution for a digital+traditional consumer knowledge campaign. The survey we designed had questions fundamental to profiling and getting to know the preferences of FreshKampo’s consumers in the United States. We redesigned product labels. We made a video featuring FreshKampo’s value proposition for this market, and launched their web page. Consumers were invited to complete an online survey in order to enter a contest. During the campaign we prepared monthly updates on results, and at the end we prepared a consolidated report with all our insights.

Getting to know your customers in the USA

We are social

Social media have revolutionized the way brands interact with customers.

Outstanding Outcomes

In nine months we managed to obtain statistically significant results on the surveys. We clearly identified, profiled and segmented FreshKampo’s United States consumers. In the process we helped our client to build its brand, organically channeling participants to its Facebook channel and asking that they share their excitement on this social network. With the information we now have, we will launch further specific campaigns to keep building FreshKampo’s brand.

Solutions for the real world

This is the array of services and solutions we employed to make this project a success.

  • Positioning Strategy
  • English Copywriting
  • Brand Destination Website
  • Interactive Campaign – Sweepstakes
  • Brand Video
  • Consumer Insights


The epicenter for brands is now digital. Your consumers are now to be found online! We are Web experts and can build brands, products and systems. We launch corporate sites, landing pages for brands and e­commerce portals. We build intranets, product configurators, contributors and administrators of content. On the Web we can do practically anything you imagine. We are certified in our software development processes and can trust in our first-class design and engineering team.


You have something to say — a story to tell, a message to relay — and we’ll make it possible. We know who you are, your audience and the content they seek. Your message takes shape thanks to creative design, illustration, audiovisual production and copywriting: through corporate identity, infographics, blogs, eBooks, renderings, webinars, videos, storytelling and anything else you can imagine.

Measurement and Analitycs

We know that words aren’t enough, so we measure and analyze each step of the way ­­ to deliver not only the best result, but the “why” of it. In a clear and timely manner we define our objectives and propose a period of action. When that period ends, we measure and analyze the results to identify the pros and cons of our strategy; then we optimize it. Thus every strategy is in constant renewal, efficient and founded upon hard data. 

Branding & Marketing

To guide your brand to success we explore your company until we know what makes you unique, different from all the rest, and we’re thoroughly acquainted with the special personality that is yours alone. Later, based upon your brand identity, we determine who comprises your target audience. We study them, get to know how they speak, think and consume, but most importantly what captures their attention, excites and motivates them.

Social Media

We want to meet you, to know what makes you unique, your goals and needs; in order to offer you the most effective and timely solution for reaching your dreams. We want to know your audience, what they love, what they’re looking for, what they share with and hope from you, so we can create and implement an online strategy that specifically addresses your brand and target clientele; aligning itself with your offline strategy, business objectives and brand identity.


“In Intagono we’ve found a business that listens, understands and implements effective, innovative communication strategies. We’ve achieved a closer connection to consumers of our new products, capitalizing on our brand’s value. It has been an excellent experience, working side by side with their team.”

Fabricio Blanco, FreshKampo Founder and CEO

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