Personalize your kitchen

The Challenge

KOBER®, leading manufacturer of kitchen countertops, was seeking a digital tool so its customers could assemble a new kitchen online and thus explore all product options the brand offers them.

The Solution

We designed and programmed a custom product configurator, visible on desktop computers and tablets, for assembling made­to­order KOBER® kitchens online. We organized and integrated a significant number of 3D renderings. We included a function for sharing one’s kitchen designs on Facebook. We implemented offline versions of the application in four of the brand’s outlets.

The new generation of kitchen countertops

We build powerful brands

Creating strong and solid brands, with a loyal clientele.

  • Renders in the App 1000
  • Designed kitchens per year 1500
  • Facility to display all combinations of products 100%

Outstanding Outcomes

KOBER® customers are satisfied and happy with the results, as their lives have been made easier when it comes to selecting a countertops for their kitchens. This translates to added value for the brand, and to additional sales.

Solutions for the real world

This is the array of services and solutions we employed to make this project a success.

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Product Configurator
  • Supplier Management

Branding & Marketing

A brand identity is essential for presentation in today’s market, and we know how…

To guide your brand to success we explore your company until we know what makes you unique, different from all the rest, and we’re thoroughly acquainted with the special personality that is yours alone. Later, based upon your brand identity, we determine who comprises your target audience. We study them, get to know how they speak, think and consume, but most importantly what captures their attention, excites and motivates them.


The epicenter for brands is now digital. Your consumers are now to be found online!

We are Web experts and can build brands, products and systems. We launch corporate sites, landing pages for brands and e­commerce portals. We build intranets, product configurators, contributors and administrators of content. On the Web we can do practically anything you imagine. We are certified in our software development processes and can trust in our first-class design and engineering team.

“The ‘Personalize your Kitchen’ tool has been a constant source of compliments from our customers, since it lets them quickly and easily picture how their kitchen will look with each KOBER® product, making the selection process much more fun. There is definitely no better praise than the accolades coming directly from our customers; it is they who motivate our innovations to products and tools. Intagono’s role in developing this app was essential, both for technical reasons and for organizing the material, which was a massive job.”

Silvia Plascencia, KOBER® Marketing Manager

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