The Challenge

Mödul Studio has a wide variety of products it’s not able to exhibit in its stores. When a housewife wants to buy a kitchen, the ability to imagine how it will look in her own house is important to her. The challenge was to find a better way of giving retail staff in branch stores the power of showing all product possibilities to their customers, in a way that was simultaneously simple and elegant.

The Solution

A native iOS app for iPAD that shows a catalog of high-resolution photos. Through simple navigation it’s possible to filter the photos based on criteria that make sense to the customers. When Mödul Studio salespeople log on for the first time, a complete catalog downloads to the iPAD and is later available to them even offline. Updating the product catalog is easy by means of a made-to-order Content Manager (CMS).

Facilitating love at first sight.

We love mobile apps

We’re developing incredible mobile apps, and this excites us quite a bit.

  • Branch Outlets with the App 20
  • High-quality Photos 200
  • Usability 100%

Outstanding Outcomes

We launched the app at the annual company convention which brings all franchise owners together; generating excitement and expectation about the use of this new tool.

Company management without a doubt saw sales rising as soon as customers were able to visualize all the possibilities Mödul Studio offered.

Solutions for the real world

This is the array of services and solutions we employed to make this project a success.

  • Business requirements
  • iOS Enterprise Mobile APP
  • Content Management System CMS

Mobile App

Nowadays we’re all using Apps to find entertainment, make our jobs easier, get together with friends, or interact with our favorite brands.

Does your business need a mobile app? We’ll put it together for you!

Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Multi­platform web applications on mobile devices. Business applications and end­user applications in Google Play and iTunes Store.

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