The Challenge

To launch a web tool on the market, one that organizes information based on solar systems, we needed to validate its viability with a crowdfunding pitch. Our client had many years’ experience of manually employing the methodology he’d invented, in his personal and professional life, and he sought to launch a startup with a web/mobile tool.

The Solution

We invented the name and designed an identity for the methodology. We produced the video and all copy for publishing the project on Fondeadora and Indiegogo, leading crowdfunding platforms in Mexico and the United States. To simulate how the product would work once it was released, we also created a screencast, in English and Spanish.

Universal organizing system.

We help you get started

We help you launch a quality digital product, encouraging you while you take your startup through its first phase.

Outstanding Outcomes

We did not manage to get the requisite project funds through Fondeadora. Based on that experience we learned that for Mexican startups, crowdfunding platforms serve mainly to receive funds from micro­investors, and are not the best way of validating an idea’s viability. Our client is now designing a way of presenting live conferences explaining his methodology and creating a very real fan base that he may later call upon to fund the project, in a later stage of crowd funding.

Solutions for the real world

This is the array of services and solutions we employed to make this project a success.

  • Naming and Brand Identity
  • Crowdfunding Pitch Video
  • Screencast Video

Branding & Maketing

To guide your brand to success we explore your company until we know what makes you unique, different from all the rest, and we’re thoroughly acquainted with the special personality that is yours alone. Later, based upon your brand identity, we determine who comprises your target audience. We study them, get to know how they speak, think and consume, but most importantly what captures their attention, excites and motivates them.



You have something to say — a story to tell, a message to relay — and we’ll make it possible. We know who you are, your audience and the content they seek. Your message takes shape thanks to creative design, illustration, audiovisual production and copywriting: through corporate identity, infographics, blogs, eBooks, renderings, webinars, videos, storytelling and anything else you can imagine.



Are you an entrepreneur? We’ll help you launch a quality digital product, supporting the first phase of your startup enterprise.
If you’re about to share your dream, we have our own methodology of ideation for digital endeavors, and definition of business models. If you already know the scope of your web/mobile product and its monetizing strategy, we’ll define your technical requirements.


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