Connecting people within the organization.

The Challenge

Tecno Lite is an industry leader in Mexico, Central and South America: it specializes in lighting, the latest trends in LED illumination, and interior design. We were assigned the task of building the next version of their Intranet, an internal portal which greeted co-workers at the start of the work day with important company news, and gave them direct access to their most important digital tools.

The Solution

We designed and developed a made-to-order intranet with high-impact design, integrated with Techno Lite’s Active Directory for easy user login. We additionally designed custom modules for the Human Resources and Strategic Planning departments, which made it easier for all company personnel to better interact with one another, no matter where they are.

Connecting people within the organization

We’re creating digital experiences

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  • Rise in total traffic 53%
  • Internal satisfaction 92%
  • Usability 100%

Outstanding Outcomes

The first achievement was getting Intranet acceptance at the company level as users began employing the personalized HR and Strategic Planning tools. There are plans for developing more custom modules in the future.

Solutions for the real world

This is the array of services and solutions we employed to make this project a success.

  • Business requirements
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Intranet

Branding & Marketing

To guide your brand to success we explore your company until we know what makes you unique, different from all the rest, and we’re thoroughly acquainted with the special personality that is yours alone. Later, based upon your brand identity, we determine who comprises your target audience. We study them, get to know how they speak, think and consume, but most importantly what captures their attention, excites and motivates them.


The epicenter for brands is now digital. Your consumers are now to be found online! We are Web experts and can build brands, products and systems. We launch corporate sites, landing pages for brands and e­commerce portals. We build intranets, product configurators, contributors and administrators of content. On the Web we can do practically anything you imagine. We are certified in our software development processes and can trust in our first-class design and engineering team.

For Tecno Lite implementation of our intranet opened the doors to better internal communication, centralized and accessible from offsite locations. It redefined the way of doing things in our business, automating several HR and Strategic Planning workflows and making us quicker and more transparent. Intagono was able to understand our needs, offering us the solution of a tool that was able to integrate access to various platforms;; visually, intuitively and in user-friendly fashion.

Andrea Santos, Human Resources

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